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01 Objectives Of Company

Over 10 years of experience

The quality of the materials where the company is keen to have the aggregates and rocks conform to the technical specifications prescribed by the ministries and public and private authorities in the State of Kuwait. Since establishing the company, the company has done significant achievements. The company continues growing. Now we reach 40% of the local market share. The company has five fixed screening units and five mobile screening units.

We are passionate

Meet the needs of the local market of aggregates and rocks, so it is keen to provide sufficient stock to meet the needs of the domestic market without a stop and for this purpose owned the company fleet of marine transport.The company owns warehouses of large area of (120000 M2 ) located in Mina Abdullah - Wafra Road and contains an inventory of 1.5 million tons of ready-made aggregates to be delivered to construction companies, and asphalt plants.

We are fast, accurate & reliable

Meet customer requirements as soon as possible so the company sought to own a fleet of land transport and the provision of equipment for the formation and screening and loading of aggregates and rocks. Now the company has owned four vessels holding the name of MOSHTARAKA1, MOSHTARAKA2, MOSHTARAKA3, and MOSHTARAKA4 to meet our needs of aggregates and providing quantities required to implement the development plan in the country.

We are improving everyday

To ensure the achievement of a good reputation and good through the good dealing with customers and suppliers and banks and without prejudice to contracts and agreements. The company has five fixed screening units and five mobile screening units. The company owns a fleet of land transport (90) trucks and semi-trailer size 48-38, all are modern models.